Vinings Lifestyle Magazine Cover (March 2017)

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This is it folks; I've officially stepped into the world of commercial print photography. I've been contracted by Vinings Lifestyle Magazine to shoot their covers and provide photos to pair with their articles. I am super excited! I've wanted to flex my muscles in commercial photography for a while, and this local publication is the perfect platform to show what I can do.

Vinings Lifestyle Magazine March Cover

Vinings Lifestyle Magazine March Cover

Of course, there is something to learn from every shoot. In this particular session, generating movement was key to capturing the right look for the cover. The model, Renee Rayles, wore a vibrant yellow dress, which looked great on her, but for some reason, it sat in the photos as an overpowering blotch of yellow. Then it hit me. "Twirl around and pause so I can take the shot," I told Renee. 
Sure enough, the twirl gave her dress enough lift to form a proper A-line shape and breathe life into the photograph.

I'm proud to say that these pictures will go straight to my #NailedIt! folder, a.k.a. my portfolio.