Professional relationships are significant, but they're even more so when they are complementary. For instance, my friend Katina is a writer, and I'm a photographer. From time to time, we collaborate on articles and it's such a great experience.

A while back, I got a call from Katina saying that she'd met a fantastic self-published author at a book launch event, Jonathan French, and he'd been recently picked up by a major publisher. She just had to write a story about his journey. Of course, she called on me for quality photos to go with her article. Pitching stories to magazines can be tricky, and it's essential to have the content professionally package and ready to go—that means professional photography included.

Per the author's suggestion, we scheduled the shoot and interview at Oakland Cemetery. I had never been there, and I worried that it would be a dreadful place to take photos, but the author assured me it was a picturesque location, and he was right!  As you will see in the pictures, Oakland Cemetery is brimming with character; long walkways framed by arching trees, weathered sculptures, wild flowers—the place just has a timeless quality to it. Other photographers were out there photographing wedding parties, taking family portraits, etc. It was interesting to see how much life was celebrated in a place where loved ones had been put to rest.

Katina and Jonathan spoke for over an hour about how he went from being an indie writer to scoring a two-book deal with a major publisher. They talked about how much he invested in his dream, and how a contest changed his life. In the end, not only did Katina write an excellent story about Jonathan's path to success, the article (and my photo) got picked up by Writer's Digest!

Congratulations to Katina for successfully pitching her story and to Jonathan for his amazing book deal. I'm also quite happy that my photos are on a national platform.

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