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Engagement Photos: Andrew and Kimberly

Kimberly and Andrew are due to get married next year. We had planned to shoot at Centennial Olympic Park, not realizing that the SweetWater 420 Fest was in full swing. I had to improvise. Sound is not an issue where photography is concerned, but crowds are, so we walked around until we found a spot that wasn't saturated with festival goers.

Kimberly and Andrew were great sports, and they were impressed with how many great shots came out of our photography session. Challenges come up, but they're not impossible to overcome. I appreciated having the opportunity to demonstrate positivity and deliver great photos in spite of the obstacles we faced that day.

Couples: The Pattersons

I just love, love, love working with longtime couples. The Pattersons have been married for 20 years, and their chemistry is just as strong as the day they met. They were a breeze to photograph, and I enjoyed hearing their perspective on what it takes to make a marriage work long-term. No one is perfect, but these two are certainly perfect for each other!