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Family-Extended Family Session

 I had an opportunity to capture photos for my good friends extended family. It's one of my absolute  favorite families I enjoy getting in front of the camera because they are naturals!  It was 3 generations of fun, energetic, and loving personalities! Photographing a big group of people can be intimidating, but when you have a crowd like them it just flat out more fun! It is so amazing to witness the connection between siblings, mother, and then to see the generations all in one photograph. These are the memories families must hold on to forever. The sweetest moments are watching the pure love the grandparents have in photos with the grandkids. Funny enough, those heartfelt photos always make great gifts too. Thank you to Maldonado, Harris family and of course to Mr & Mrs. Walker for the booking the session with MNJPHOTO! You all ROCKED!

Family: Malone Love

Today's photo shoot took place on a hot and humid Sunday evening. Humidity is a photographer's sworn enemy. It makes hair misbehave, causes people to sweat through their beautiful clothes, and can zap the energy out of the most willing subjects. So it goes without saying that I left that shoot with a tremendous amount of admiration for the Malone family. 

They stayed in good spirits the entire time, which can sometimes be a challenge for kids, and posed their best for the camera. No one could ever know by looking at these photos that the sun tried to cook us alive.

I'd like to also give credit to my 9-year-old for taking the "behind the scenes" shots. She is a mini professional in the making.

Many thanks go out to the Malone Family for choosing MNJPHOTO to take their family portraits! I look forward to seeing them again.

Family: A Celebration of Sons

Cindy has plenty of reason to celebrate her two sons. In April, Eddie came home after being in Mexico for two years on a Mormon mission, meanwhile his brother Jackson recently graduated summa cum laude from UGA with a bachelor’s degree in science and mathematics. It was the perfect time to capture a mini family reunion between this mother and her two amazing sons.

Eddie left the U.S. speaking only English and came back fluent in Spanish; Jackson got a perfect score on his graduate record examination and is off to Cambridge; and Cindy, well she is my idol!

Meeting families from all walks of life is what I love best about my job. I cannot emphasize what an honor it was to photograph this family, each member looking to do good in the world through their gifts and talents. My hat goes off to Cindy for raising such remarkable young men, and my sincerest thanks goes out to this family for trusting MNJ Photography to capture their reunion.

Vaughn Family

Today's photography session was near and dear to my heart. For starters, I took these pictures back in my hometown of Albuquerque. The weather was a little nippy, but nothing beats going back home to reconnect with familiar landscapes and old friends. The wife in these photos is a woman I've known since middle school. 

The second perk of this session was meeting her family! Time flies. We grow older and apart, start families, etc. It was an absolute joy to become acquainted with her beautiful children and meet their amazing father. My heart was particularly touched by the love flowing between this couple. To be honest, every family photography session I shoot leaves my heart feeling warm and bubbly with happy vibes―this one was no different. I find family photography so rewarding!

In the end, I left Albuquerque wishing them well and looking forward to meeting baby #4. 

Thrasher Family

The Thrasher family is back, and this time they brought pets! Every photography session is an opportunity to perfect the skills I have and learn a few new ones. Working with a dog and a cat was new to me (animal photography is not my niche), but I'm happy to report that the photos came out great and the Thrasher girls had fun! 


Valdez Family

I've said it before, and I'll say it again; I love to photograph families! The Valdez kids had so much fun running around and giggling throughout the shoot that I found it easy to capture their genuine expressions of joy. This family also did a phenomenal job at coordinating their wardrobe. They stuck to solid colors, no logos, and carried the same accent color through each of their outfits. Well done and much fun!



Milestone Photos: Beau and Bella 6 Months

Having these two in front of the camera was a fantastic experience! Beau and Bella are a bundle of blue eyes, wispy blond hair, and chubby cheeks! 

As nap time approached, I had to speed up the shoot. Even though I have experience in working with kids, I must give credit to the twins; they were amazingly cooperative, and their brilliant personalities came through in each of the photos.

They've earned that nap!

Alexander Family

The Alexander family is one of my repeat families. I've been their family photographer for the past five years, and each session is just as exciting as the first. In fact, it still feels like it was just yesterday when I took photos of Jalen's first birthday.

In today's session, I have to give credit to the power of props. Good props (in this case we're talking about a football and some birthday cake) do wonders to bring out the play, energy, and personality of a child. Jalen and his parents had a blast, and so did I. 

Jones Family

The Jones family booked a Fall Mini Session with me, and boy did we have fun. I took family portraits photos as well as a few extra shots to celebrate Olivia's third birthday. The kids really liked the part where I had them throw leaves in the air. Who doesn't love that?

Meyer Family

This beautiful couple is leaving Atlanta, but before they start a new chapter of their lives elsewhere, they wanted to take family photos at one of their favorite hangout spots, Piedmont Park.

I'm ever so thankful that they've trusted MNJ Photography to capture their final moments here in Atlanta.