Dinner for Divas Event

The Portraits of Beauty campaign was launched by the Alma G Davis foundation in efforts to bring awareness to domestic violence for women and men. This amazing foundation has helped many people fight there battle with domestic violence and expose an ongoing problem in our communities. For more information, check out their website below more informationwww.almagdavisfoundation.org. It was a honor working with these survivors of domestic violence. They all had one thing in common and that was PURE STREGNTH. As we all know it's never an easy situation to walk away from, let alone picking up the pieces and moving forward with their lives. It's always great to see how far someone has come from a terrible tragedy turned into a positive outcome. Thank you to Alma and her organization for allowing me to be a part of something GREAT!  I am ever so thankful to have had such an amazing session. I took so much from this session, emotionally and at a business level. 



For the Love of Rawanda


Had the pleasure of capturing a great event. This truly is where to look for when it comes to genuinely helping a child in need. The organization for the love of Rwanda offers just that. To be able to connect with child who is need of toileties and other important essential in life. This experience will not only change your mind but will change you as a person. To understand under privileged children is on a whole other level. To learn the way they live and how they grow up in not so great environments is what will be the most meaningful part of it all. To learn more info on the love of Rwanda please click on over to fortheloveofrwanda.com