My 365 Project

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If you've never heard of the Instagram 365 project, it's pretty simple; take a picture, everyday. Just one picture. No biggie, right?It turns out it's a big "biggie". A photo a day isn't as easy to do as one might think, and truth be told, for a mother with three young kids and a growing business, adding this challenge to the mix was just asking for trouble. I knew it wasn't going to be easy, but I needed to challenge myself. My initial motivation for committing to the 365 Project was to gain experience in photography and sharpen my skill-set. Photo after photo, I'd analyze my picture-of-the-day to see what I could have done better with it; that's what happens when I’m uploading to a public forum all of the time, I become critical of my work, and this is a good thing! My eye for detail improved, and the speed at which I captured well-composed photos as well.

At one point though, I realized that I wasn't just improving my skill-set; I was documenting my life. We all know life is short, but the photo-of-the-day seemed to stretch it out. Small events that I would not have normally remembered, I did. Why? Because looking at the pictures triggered memories of when I took them, and the conditions in which I took them. Photography is a practice that requires attention, and through this challenge, the more I paid attention, the less it felt like time was passing me by.

All in all, as a mother and photographer, I have to say that I loved doing the 365 challenge; for the obvious benefits and the bonus benefits as well. Follow me on instagram to see more of my daily posts!